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Set of 50 - Custom Designer 2-Layer Washable Face Mask

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Considering the current situation of infectious disease outbreaks with spread of the viral infection among people, wear the Polyester 2-Layer Fabric Face Masks. In alternative to medical masks which needs to be preserved for the healthcare workers, these reusable cloth face masks will meet everyday breathing protection needs. Made from polyester, these fabric face coverings have breathable properties with elastic loops to fit securely without slipping off. When you are in enclosed spaces like pharmacies and grocery stores running errands during emergencies, it is safe to wear fabric face masks to cover your mouth and nose. Even though they may not contain the infallible filtration powers like medical mask to filter microorganisms, they can still prevent droplets from coughing and sneezing. Due to their reusable properties, these washable face masks can be washed and drier under the low heat. By stopping the pathogen particles on the way through the fabric, these cotton face masks will stop you from being directly exposed to infectious viruses. Acting as face shields, these cloth face masks can be worn in crowded transports, confined work spaces, and waiting queues when maintaining distancing is not possible. Comparably, these two layer face masks should be worn covering the top of noses to the bottom of chins. It contains the air permeability, which makes this reusable cloth face masks great for use by the essential workers. Assessing the quality, this fabric face covering has tighter weave to last for everyday use in the long run. Breathe in safety wearing reusable cloth face masks.


2 Layer Polyester




Washable and Reusable

Comfortable for all day use

Please note, this is NOT a medical rated mask and is meant for everyday civilian use. Our masks offer great daily basic protection but we would NEVER compromise access to medical rated masks for front line workers.